Friday, May 13, 2011

....the last 6 weeks

I know lots of our family and friends are curious as to what has been going on, so I think this will be the best way to let everyone know everything thats happened in the past 6 weeks...

After I had Paityn I've had some complications. The dr.'s had to use forceps at delivery and I did tear 3rd degree so recovery from that was rough. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with what has happened but it's a possibility. Two weeks later after I had Paityn I was going to watch my little brother play baseball and I got out of the car and started bleeding out of control, I had whats called a postpartum hemorrhage where the blood had soaked through my jeans down my legs in about 15 seconds and passing a lot of pretty big blood clots (sorry for the graphicness). The ER nurse said it looked like a horror film which was super comforting let me tell you. So colin had put me back in the car and rushed me to the ER. He should be an ambulance driver one day. He reacted quickly and got me to the ER way fast, winding in and out of roads and construction sights with our hazards on. ha ha he drove like a champ. So we got to the ER and they had done some tests and did an ultra sounds and they discovered that I still had "debris" left in my uterus, which means a lot of could be blood clots or something left over from having the baby. So they put me back on patocin to contract my uterus back down to hopefully be rid of all the bleeding. They sent me home on a pill called methragin which is a pill form of patocin to hopefully contract my uterus down to stop building up blood clots and bleeding.So it worked for a few weeks and my bleeding had been kinda like roller coaster, heavy then light. Then I was sitting in spaghetti factory with my family and stood to go to the bathroom and it was a horror film all over again. I had a postpartum hemorrhage for the second time. I went to the Alta View ER this time and they just basically did the same thing, minus putting me back on patocin. I went and saw my dr. the next day and he looked at the ultra sound and decided to do a D&C to remove whatever was in my uterus. I did the D&C and things were going great. My bleeding had pretty much stopped and I was feeling great. Then sure enough about 5 days later, bleeding had picked up a lot and I started passing blood clots again. I went back into my dr. and got another ultra sound and he found a blood clot in my uterus that he needed to get out. First he reached in the cupboard and pulled out the huge freaky tool and was like, I can just remove it in the office right now, but it will be pretty painful like having a d&c but awake and I said no no no what's my other option and he said another d&c then. We were feeling nervous about another d&c so we went down the hall to another dr. for a second opinion and he agreed with everything dr. larsen was doing. So later that day he scheduled it. This time didn't go so great, during my surgery he couldn't get my bleeding back under control and the only thing that helped was putting pressure and rubbing my uterus to try to get it to stop. Luckily colin asked someone what was going on because my surgery was taking a lot longer then before and a nurse came out and told them what was happening and said that they might have to remove my uterus (hysterectomy) if it doesn't stop. And colin told them no, whatever they have to do to not let that happen. Then Dr. Larsen came out and told them what had happened and that I had lost a lot of blood and would have a harder recovery this time. They kept me over night that night for observation, and it was a darn good thing cause that was probably the hardest night and morning for various reasons. He scheduled me another ulta sound later in the week to keep on top of it and make sure my uterus wasn't accumulating anything. The next morning we received a phone call from my mother in law saying my little paityn had a fever in the night and was at the pediatricians getting some testing done. They did some tests and decided it was the best thing to take her up to primary childrens hospital to continue treatment and testing. When I heard this my body just went numb and my heart dropped, so I made the nurses hurry up and discharge me from the hospital so i could get up there and be with paityn. They discovered she has a urinary tract infection and ecoli bacteria in her urine and blood which is dangerous. So it was really lucky mel followed her instinct to take her in because the Dr.'s said they caught it early. She's been there since tuesday the 10th being monitored and given antibiotics. They had to put in a PICC line which is like a long IV in her arm and goes around her chest and down by her heart. This is so she can receive the antibiotic to her blood stream faster. They inserted that this morning and she has to be observed with it for one more night and will get to go home tomorrow morning. She'll have to receive home health care for 10 days and have a nurse come in and give her her meds through her PICC line So blessed and happy that she is doing so much better though and has been in such good hands. :) As for me... I took another step backwards this morning. I started bleeding a lot again and needed to go to the dr. we decided to go to a 3rd dr. that we had recommended to us, because I knew if I were to go back to dr. larsen it would be another d&c with a blood transfusion (cause i'm a pint low on blood so I don't have anymore blood to loose) and an even bigger possibility of a hysterectomy. So this new Dr., Dr. Hutchinson has suggested a little bit different route and stayed so positive with me in explaining everything(which I was not use to with my other dr.) and let me know that removing my uterus was the last thing he will do. He suggested to triple dose my birth control for about a week to get enough estrogen to my uterus to stop the bleeding, and rebuild it to get it healthy. Then next week he will go in with a camera to see exactly what is going on, where the bleeding is coming from and do another possible surgery to fix the exact problem. I know it's like duh, why didn't we do that in the first place...but issues with my previous dr. and how he has handled everything is a whole other story and it's best I don't dwell on all of that and try to just move forward with faith in my new dr. 

so...that is the full update till now. And really all I can say is I feel so blessed, and I know this will be all over soon. I know my heavenly father has not left my side for a second and has blessed us so much in this situation with all the love and support from family and friends. Every time I've literally felt heavy and overwhelmed I pray and I feel all the weight lifted off me and I truly feel carried. I have seen so many miracles in the past couple weeks and I know that this is all just a trial and learning experience that Heavenly Father feels I can handle. So all I can do now is have faith trust him to guide my new dr. to help me get better. And I know and have faith that Paityn will get better as well. I'm so grateful for the gospel in my life and I know that we can get through this. Thanks again for all of your prayers and love and support. If you could continue to keep us in your prayers I would appreciate it so much, because we really feel the power of all your prayers and fasting. Thank you Thank you Thank you
-Ashley and Colin


  1. Oh my gosh ash I had no idea...... I am so so so terribly sorry and sad to hear all of this. Jason and I will definitely be praying for you three. Hang in there. It sounds like your positive attitude will get you guys right through it all. And good thing we have this incredible gospel in our lives eh, and that we know He has a plan in everything. You are so strong and I know you will prevail. My love is with you sweet girl. :( I can't even imagine what you guys are going through. It will pass soon, and you will be stronger. ---Kenzie Towner

  2. I am so sorry you are going through this! We don't know you very well but we love your fam so much! Little paityn is so adorable! I hope everything gets better quickly so you can just relax and enjoy your little one!

  3. ash! In cryed the whole time i read this! I can't believe how strong you and colin are in this! I'm sure they'll find something to help you and miss paytin! if there's anything our family can do for you, PLEASE, don't be hesitant to ask! love you and am keeping you in our prayers! much LOVE to the Forbes family!

  4. Ashley I am so sorry that is no fun at all I hope it is all over soon and you can just enjoy being a Mom to your little one!! Get better soon

  5. Ash-
    McKall filled me in a little bit the other day on what was going on. I want you to know that if you guys need ANYTHING, please don't hesitate to call. Whether its a ride somewhere or you need dinner brought! We'd be happy to help in any way we can. Hang in there! You'll be in our families prayers.
    Danny and Shante

  6. ASH!!! :( So sorry things have been SO crazy for you and your new one:( You are one tough cookie. You are so positive and upbeat. I'm so glad I saw will be in my prayers. I hope you all get home and feeling well FAST so you can snuggle your baby and enjoy the sweet time of having a new baby. Love to you and your family!!! You are a doll:)